Why does the US president take the oath on the Bible?
Which countries have the biggest influence in Somalia?
Do Trump’s supporters know that his Charlottesville ramblings precipitated the removal of Confederate statues?
Pourquoi les politiciens sont-ils si obligés de faire des contributions? Ont-ils vraiment besoin d’autant d’argent que possible pour pouvoir être réélus et conserver leur poste, ou empochent-ils ces fonds d’une manière ou d’une autre?
Would the Defense force commandants collapse the democracy and establish dictatorship in India ?
Do Americans still believe that electing an inexperienced from real estate is equal to electing an inexperienced from community organizing?

Supreme Topics

Who will be the new president of India?

If North Korea attacked any country within range of its missiles, would China invade first to prevent the US and its allies from getting near its border?

What should an Indian know about Manohar Parikar?

What do people of Kazakhstan think about Indians?

Que choisiriez-vous: être né dans un pays développé doté de ressources, mais destiné à passer 30 ans en prison ou être né libre dans un pays sous-développé, dans une famille extrêmement pauvre et sans accès à des opportunités?

American Exceptionalism: Is America first in the world in civil liberties, rule of law, health care, environmental protection, sustainable technology, education, labor rights, social mobility, financial regulation, and an ethical military?

Was the Yemeni government ineffective in 2014 and before? Why or why not? What caused this ineffectiveness or effectiveness?

Who was the last Polish king before his kingdom annexed by Russia?

If I feel my character is more flawed than I believe the world expects for me to occupy a respectable, influential role in society, what should I do?

Why is China batting for Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan after the US has trashed Pakistan for sponsorship of terror and applauded India’s role in Afganisthan?

Do you think the Bengazi accusations show how corrupt the Republicans are?

Pensez-vous que le gouvernement Modi travaille vraiment pour le développement du pays sans craindre la banque de votes?

What are some of the most far fetched conspiracy theories that you have heard?

Do you have to be at least slightly corrupt if you are a politician?

Why have nationalist European politicians only called for the dissolution of the EU but no one important has said anything regarding leaving NATO?