In almost every post on Quora in which Obama is mentioned, there is a response about how terrible Obama was, and how he ignored the Constitution. Who can factually justify this opinion?

The constitution requires money spent to go through congress. The executive branch is not allowed to spend money not appropriated by congress. See Article 1 section #7. “No money shall be drawn from the treasury; but in consequence of bills passed by law…”

Obamas administration ignored a lot of the rules in the ACA. Such as making the payments to insurance companies with money that was not appropriated by congress.

Obamas administration made a huge payment to Iran, money not appropriated by congress. I am pretty sure this violated laws passed after Iran took our people hostage.

DACA was never passed by congress, it came about by executive order. Money for it was never appropriated by congress.

The ACA had provisions in it for when it was supposed to go in effect, Obamas administration delayed them. This needed to be passed by congress, the President doesn’t have anything in article 2 language of the constitution allowing him to ignore laws passed by congress.

During Obama’s reign, The IRS targeted tea party groups for special scrutiny delaying them from getting their tax exempt status, and thwarting them from getting their anti obama political message out in time for an upcoming election. It took all the momentum from the movement. First Amendment free speech violation.

All treaties need to go to the Senate for ratification. Obama signed the Paris Climate Accord and did not get it ratified by the Senate. Article 2, section two, #2. I never saw or heard of 2/3rds of the senate voting to ratify this.

The link below gives a better explanation:

Top 10 Ways Obama Violated The Constitution During His Presidency