How would America and the UK lead NATO in a war against Russia?

Neither side would ever consider invading the other.

Russia is simply too massive to invade AND occupy.

And Russia cannot, economically, afford to field its forces in large enough numbers to hold onto Europe.

There was a report by a commission that stated Russia could roll over the European NATO members within weeks.

What the report fails to address is what happens when the US moves to a total war footing and comes over in force. The report posits that if it comes down to risking an all out war with Russia and losing Europe, America won’t have an easy choice and may balk. But if the Russians invade and the US kicks into high gear, nothing short of nuclear weapons will be able to stop them. The United States military is simply too powerful for Russia to fight outside of Russia itself.

NATO forces would certainly get bloodied up in the counter attack, but Russian military doctrine against the US is prodigious use of A2/AD strategies. These are overlapping passive and active measures by which you make it so costly for an enemy to advance through an area or territory that they choose to simply avoid it. But these measures only work when they are built up and ready. Russia can’t pickup all of their defenses and move them West.

Outside of Russia, Russian forces will be decisively defeated by NATO forces once the US arrives in force.

The US and the UK and NATO would not seek to conquer Russia (a fools errand) but rather they would structure their operations around trying to remove the teeth from the military so it could not conduct offensive operations for the foreseeable future.

This is all conventional warfare wise. If it goes nuclear there is no secret to the strategy. Fire at will and see who survives.

Never have relationships with the UK, the US and the EU (NATO) been worse!

The US has seen the EU countries consistently fail to do their fair share. Over the past 10 years if Germany hasn’t spent 2% of its GDP on defense, and half of the German’s 36 year old Air Force is grounded¹ what does that say about how seriously Germany takes its own defense. Plus Germany is repatriating its gold (“$140 billion stockpile”), which has to be giving Putting another reason to lick his chops! Germany has pulled all of its gold out of Paris

The current perception in the US is that the EU has no regard for the US, that the EU consistently belittles and diminishes the US at every opportunity, and that it is time for the US to pull its troops and equipment out, and to let the EU step up and provide for its own defense….or not.

Let’s look at the EU’s neighbor Putin: 1) who annexed the Crimea, 2) shot down commercial airlines, 3) is meddling in the Ukraine, and 4) is actively supporting dictator Basar Assad (who has gassed his own people, and 5) is responsible for the surge of refugees and rise in terrorism in Europe), is a threat, and are willing to fund their own defense why should the US.

After an ugly and hard Brexit, I don’t see the UK riding to the EU’s rescue either.

And…look at the video below to see unelected overpaid technocrat Jean-Claude Juncker who has become the ‘face’ and presence of Europe in action.

So if a Europe that has consistently neglected: its own requirements, its own commitments, its own willingness to be responsible and make good decisions in order to be able to defend itself needs help….please explain to me why the UK and the US should respond?

¹A spokesman for the Defence Ministry said the issue affected 42 of Germany’s 85 Tornados, (which are 36 years old) built by Airbus Defence and Space , including the six jets being used for surveillance flights out of Incirlik air base near the Syrian border.

NATO is at one of its weakest points ever. The United States has pulled back large amounts of troops and equipment to the States and downsized our military a great deal.

Many of the member countries of NATO are not pulling their agreed upon fair share in the defense of Europe. I doubt if it would take a lot of effort on Russia’s part to simply roll in and take over some countries. As Putin has made no secret of wanting to re-establish the USSR, Europe should be more wary of just such an action. With Britian’s withdrawl from the EU and the weakening of the EU it is even more likely. I’m not sure that America, Canada, and the UK would rush to defend the European mainland from Russian attack.

We are not loved or even liked in much of Europe and that even includes a large segment of the UK.

A NATO commissioned study released in 2017 concluded that Russia would overwhelm any Allied forces and take Europe in weeks.

This is an event of a conventional invasion, without the use of Nuclear weapons.

What makes this finding unusually valid is nobody in NATO has stated it is wrong or argued with its conclusions.

There would probably be another Iron Curtain in Europe, with US and NATO forces reinforcing the borders with Eastern European countries that Russia is re-exerting its influence over, such as Ukraine and Lithuania. There would be no rash action due to the very real possibility of nuclear fallout, so they would likely prepare for the event of a conventional Russian attack. Then again, given how Trump is a wild card, there is no way to predict how he would lead the US in a war with Russia. I think he would deescalate tensions if they ever teetered towards war.

They won’t because there would be no such war. Despite all the yapping, US and UK attacking Russia would be a suicide for UK and US. And Russia is neither plans nor needs, nor wants to attack any country.