Does China secretly want the USA to indeed get its hand burned in North Korea?

For what reason would the Chinese be secretely scheming like some cackling villain? I think China can be a reasonable party that you can work with. They’re not driven by any kind of nefarious ideological plots, and are most interested in maintaining economic prosperity.

The United States, if you haven’t noticed, is China’s top export market. If they were to purposely sabotage attempts to stabilize the situation, then those waters are going to have naval warships all over the place that drive away all the merchant ships. That’s not good for your economy. What’s also not good for your economy is doing things that would directly impact American demand for Chinese goods when American demand, in essence, drives your economic prosperity more than anybody else.

Furthermore, helping destabilize the Korean peninsula will do a hell of a lot more to burn China than the USA. The Americans have the advantage of becoming fed up and going home. China will then have millions of refugees crossing over their borders. I’m sure they would just love that, who wouldn’t?

But let’s also not forget that Russia has a stake in this as well, being that they’re the only nation with a military that nulls the USA in destructive capability via their nuclear stockpile. Nearby Vladivostok, which is actually Russia’s biggest port by volume, has a very keen interest in trade flowing, and ensuring merchant ships don’t begin taking their business elsewhere that’s actually safe for them. They also probably don’t want refugees spilling across their own borders as well. So that makes me think that they may not take too kindly to entertaining this thought.

And then one has to think about what kind of upside potential could inspire China to cartoonishly rub their hands together while scheming to see the USA fail to secure a stable, peaceful situation with all these reasons to see conditions improve?

People need to better realize how power projection, diplomatic leverage, and the world economy works; the USA not achieving stability on the Korean peninsula doesn’t mean that whatever they lost would therein get transferred to China. That just makes no sense. If your biggest export market starts having financial difficulties, and have to begin appropriating money elsewhere to deal with a crisis in global stability, then there’s obviously going to be less money being spent on what you’re selling, and access to credit will tighten, and this affects worldwide demand, which hurts all of us except for a few tinhorn dictators in various places around the globe, since they’re the only ones who are completely cut off like that. And judging by China’s slowing of economic momentum, coupled with insane speculation going on in places like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, they’re either going to have to be burned by a reccession, or they’re going to need the West if they want to restimulate demand there.

Since China isn’t stupid, I think it’s safe to say this question is low information, low IQ.

I expect some people are anticipating that a US military action would turn out badly. But the decision is the USA’s. China has limited influence over either NK or USA. What could China do to prevent the USA from getting its hand burned? Maybe cut off the last bits of trade, and I’m sure this is being discussed now. But North Korea has proven its self-sufficiency and stubbornness.

Define “get its hand burned” plz.