What would happen if I hacked the 2020 elections and managed to get a dog to win?

All jokes aside about whether it’s already been done, I think several things would happen:

(1) You’d very likely be discovered, and your actions would lead to an arrest, very probable conviction and massive prison time. Over time, you would be hailed as a hero by a relatively small percentage of the population, as “the man/woman who single-handedly hacked an entire election”. Most of the rest of the population would revile you.

(2) The vote would be recounted in all fifty states. If necessary, a new election would be held if the ballots were proven to be corrupted. The fact that most states use paper ballots should prevent this.

(3) The incident would get international attention. Among other things, it would prompt a huge amount of public outcry about how secure our election system is, what new measures we must take to prevent this from EVER happening again, and how vulnerable the rest of the nation’s infrastructure might be.

(4) That would in turn likely spawn a wave of divisive rhetoric from both sides of the political aisle, with Democrats pointing the finger at Republicans and vice versa, accusing each other of being complicit in the hack, not doing enough to secure the nation, etc. Between the hack itself and the political fallout, we would likely also see massive selloffs on Wall Street fueled by uncertainty and mistrust in the government and economic systems, almost certainly leading us to another major recession or depression.

(5) As we struggle to get our ship upright again, we become vulnerable to outside attack (cyber and military). This in turn leads to the current President being forced to exercise the nuclear option, and Everyone Dies (TM).

(“Everyone Dies” is a trademark of Dave Consiglio )

The dog might be more competent then the current President and without a doubt less controversial.

Another bonus is you can train a dog to only crap in one defined area instead of everywhere, thus making clean up much easier.

Dogs also tend to be more popular in general than our current President, so much less divisive.

A dog’s days off would be much cheaper to guard against it’s enemies than a man chasing a little white ball around a giant golf course versus a tennis ball on the White House lawn.

The Twitter feed would be similar, more bark than bite.

A dog would obviously be more truthful.

World leaders would have more respect.

Ya, go ahead, it can’t be any worse than what we got now.

First and probably foremost, it would demonstrate the need to significantly increase the security of electronic voting machines and computers used in counting votes. It would also demonstrate the importance of having an audit process to validate that the results from the electronic voting machines and computers used in counting votes.

Second, given the highly polarized atmosphere in Washington, a hacked election would probably create a constitutional crisis. Congress might use the 12th amendment to elect the president and vice president from the legitimate candidates. This would be problematic because the majority party in the House of Representatives would most assuredly vote along party lines. The president would be the person that had won the party nomination at the convention. The same would be true in the Senate. The majority party would vote along party lines for vice president. The minority party in both Houses of Congress would likely cry foul and make numerous accusations regarding the validity of the vote. The polarization and finger pointing that is Washington might result in civil unrest across the country. This could also mean an end to the peaceful transition of power, as the person elected by the House of Representatives assumes the Office of President of the United States. The same would be true of the Vice President, elected by the Senate.

Next, the stock market and financial markets could easily experience turmoil for many months. This would be largely due to a lack of confidence by foreign investors. As a result, the United States would probably experience an economic recession which might last two or more years.

If it was determined that a foreign power was responsible for the hacked election, then there would be calls for retaliation. There would probably be strong support, both Congressional and popular for military action. Anyone within the borders of the United States that was involved in the election hack would stand trial. If found guilty they would probably face execution.

In the end I believe that government would restrict individual freedoms after such an event. All one has to do is look at all the changes that occurred after 9/11.

India and its election commission are doing an admirable job. If for any reason a dog want to win the election it is not possible as election commission is always much more intelligent and smarter than these dogs.

The dog most likely wouldn’t be a candidate in the first place, due to the lack of political knowledge.

If the dog does win, the election data collectors most likely would check for any hackers due to people most likely not voting for dogs.

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