Why do people still shame Germany for the Nazi Party, when China created North Korea and spread communism, which killed even more?

Nazi party hated a particular community for no logical reasons.

Killing in China involved many factors including natural calamity, bad administrative decisions and cold shoulder by the international community during the crisis [1]. Western writers sensationalized the deaths (in both quantity and quality) because they were afraid of Socialism and spreading propaganda about Communism. The United States abhorred anything against Capitalism because The Great Depression in 1930s deeply scared them. 1940s’ people’s movement in the United States grew pretty organically. Administration feared that they needed to demonize communism, so that it can never come to that land.

However, Mao did admit that he made mistakes in his policies in China. Those policies were not the only and main causes of the deaths. Mao improved the Child Mortality rate to astoundingly low level, if you think how much backward China was then. Therefore, Mao’s intentions were not to screw people. He wanted to improve the standard of living but he was not always correct. He also did not get any help from any Western or Soviet (because of ideological and geo-political difference) people. China suffered natural disasters, drought. Among all these, Mao tried all that he could.

Hitler, on the contrary, was against a particular group of people, the Jews. He killed them because of his imaginary and illogical religious viewpoint. He considered the Jews as lower human being. Unfortunate Chinese deaths cannot even be compared to the heinous killings of Hitler.


[1] Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward? by Joseph Ball | Monthly Review

China is a very interesting case. It has been the victim of Japanese brutality and has also been brutal to its own people as well as others.
I am learning that China is not now actually a communist country. It is authoritarian but somehow allows a market economy to flourish.

When it comes to shame for the actions of past governments, there is plenty to go around. As an American citizen, I am ashamed of our part in the Viet Nam war and even more ashamed of the way we treated our own soldiers when they returned.

All of us that are still alive are the descendants of killers. Let’s do our best to tolerate each other and live in peace.

Wow. Let me restate: If country A adopts a putrid totalitarian ideology of hate and kills a few million people, why do we complain about country B for adopting a putrid totalitarian ideology and killing a few million people? This in logical terms is called a weak or false analogy. If people shame the Fuhrer, why do you assume they also don’t shame the Dear Leader? The assumption is not supported by a statement in evidence. Or, let’s put this another way: grow up.

Rent a movie, “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”.

After you watch it, I think you’ll be able to answer your own question.