Where do you stand on the political spectrum and what party do you most agree with?

Oh, this is a hard question.

I rarely involve myself in politics, and that too, only when I have strong opinions and solid ground to back myself. I also reject most labels since I’m massively uncomfortable with being lumped into a specific category. Not being weighted down with affiliations helps me keep my mind clear.

I think I fall on the side of the left, more often than not…

This is a US based political outlook though so you know where I stand there.

In the Indian scenario, I’m also pretty much on the left but closer to centre. I’m not on the Right, nor am I a BJP supporter.

(Actually, I’m supposed to be a member of a communist party (SFI) but that’s in Kerala and I don’t know enough to actually say I’m a communist. I am fundamentally wary of them too.)

I do have some conservative views, especially when it comes to social issues but I temper those with some pretty liberal viewpoints. Things like abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and women’s issues take precedence on the liberal side.

I am not politically savvy enough to explain any further I guess but feel free to ask.

Center-left (this is not by American standards though). I am a centrist-leaning leftist. I’m a liberal in the American sense of the word. By American standards, I’m around somewhere around where Sanders is. I naturally align with green parties (not so much the American Green Party) and social democratic parties.

Personally, I do not like politics much. I find it an EXTREMELY nebulous topic and would rather sink my time into other deeper topics and causes. Consider that virtually all politicians are corrupt. I wish to study more before supporting any cause. I often wish there were the equivalent of The Critique of Pure Reason for politics, but alas.

Other than those with extremist views, I do not judge people too harshly for their political views, and I try to be tolerant.

On economic issues, I am towards the liberal end of the Democratic party.

On social issues, I am an extreme libertarian with a twist. I think many many things should be legal (like a libertarian) but I think many should be taxed and regulated (unlike libertarians).

On foreign policy I am all over the place.

I identify strongly with the Democrats. If we had range voting, I’d be tempted to go for the Greens, but, with first past the post voting, that’s counter-productive. Plus, a lot of Democratic politicians are pretty good.

Neither left nor right, but straight on to revolution!

I’m member of the pirate party, and I agree with them the most.

On the spectrum? I’d say centre-progressive.