What do Marxists want?

Karl Marx is one of the most controversial figures in the worlds history, that is a no brainer.

He is a hero for some, moron for others.

Marxists covet what Karl Marx did, which is; revolution ( taking down the proletariat )classless society, socialist economy and a community where people work as much as they can, but yet everybody has everything what they need, not more, not less.

I am not a supporter of communism. However, Marx was misunderstood, big time.

For instance:

Religion is the opiate of masses.

Karl Marx

Let’s elaborate this quote.

It is a fact that the most developed country ought to have the most atheists and agnostics, except for the United States, they are an anomaly.

Marx believed how people didn’t have an urge to prosper, because they believed the following:

They inferred from the Bible how if they were poor in this life, that they are going to go to Heaven. Hence, Marx thought how The Church controlled the people by these beliefs.

As we are humans, and what we do best is jump to conclusions without even concluding anything, that is why a lot of people didn’t even read nor do a research on Karl Marx, so they talk without knowledge about the topic.

Karl Marx and his beliefs are very hard to understand, because only him understood what he was talking about precisely, but we can understand some of the most vigorous and cardinal points of his.

Marxists want a global moneyless, stateless, wageless, classless society where there is free access to all that’s produced and all work is entered into voluntarily, Marxism Revisited regards Ian.

The revolutionary overthrow of the middle-class, establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat, leading to the withering away of the state and the establishment of a shared and communal society.

Why do you ask?