What would the 1920’s US have been like if something like the Versailles treaty had been imposed on it?

::What would the 1920’s US have been like if something like the Versailles treaty had been imposed on it?::

What happened?!

I mean, Versailles was a punitive peace treaty that sought to keep Germany down. What happened to the US to deserve such a thing?

Let’s say that something catastrophically bad happened with the US political culture, and every foreign policy problem with other powers has ended with the US making enemies.

The Mexican War ends with the US turning Mexico into a protectorate; Japan is occupied and a puppet Shogunate installed in 1853; the Civil War see armed clashes with the British in the Atlantic and with the French in the Gulf; the US makes no friends in China due to their insistence of being granted exclusive right in Liaodong and Fujian; and Germany becomes an enemy when US Navy ships shot at them in Venezuela. The Spanish are not happy with having to cede the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Carolines to the US.

World War I is the Entente plus Germany and small allies against the US.

The Treaty of Paris ends with the US withdrawing from China, Japan and occupied Canada; ceding the Phillipines to a Franco-British co-dominium, the Carolines to the Germans, returning Cuba and Puerto Rico to Spain, New Mexico and Arizona to Mexico, and ceding the Panama Canal and Hawai’i to the British. Also, a huge indemnity must be paid to all belligerents plus Canada; all fortifications in the Canadian border must be destroyed, and the US Army must never exceed 100.000 men, while the US Navy must never exceed one third of the Royal Navy.

The US devotes itself for the next generation to leak its wounds and pay as soon as possible the indemnities: people is not as prosperous as before, but they are not really poor, and since the US was never invaded, recovery is rather quick.

Washington quietly invests a lot of money in R&D of new military technologies: maybe the way to defeat the European Entente navies is with these undersea boats, and these radio-wave detection devices are very promising…

It’s an Alien Space Bats scenario, of course. 🙂