Is Israel the biggest supporter of ISIS?

Absolutely not, anything that even suggests any collusion or cooperation between ISIS and Israel is the product of propaganda.

The Assad regime of Syria knows that accusing Israel of supporting ISIS is the geopolitical equivalent to playing “the race card” in a political debate about US inner-city crime statistics.

What I mean by that is easily explained.

The fuel for any debate is logic, combined with verifiable & accurate non-partisan facts and figures. Elements that include social and political beliefs/political correctness, racial or religious bigotry, and of course lest we forget, “social justice” are, in my opinion, poisonous to the legitimacy of the debate.

Playing the race card when debating the inner-city violence that has plagued cities like Chicago, either shuts down the debate entirely, or degrades it to a level that removes the prospect of any potential benefits that could be gained by debating the issue in the first place.

Playing the “Israel card” by suggesting the existence of any alliance between ISIS and Israel, has the same effect on this or any other debate about ISIS.

In my opinion, the real question should be:

Who stands to benefit the most from the continuous accusation of Israeli support for ISIS?

The source of these accusations is usually a good place to start for anyone interested in further pursuing the allegation.

Based on my research on the subject, I think that the Syrian regime has the most to gain from the accusation. The Assad government has been the leading source of the allegations.

This is a repetition of history, in my opinion, because it’s exactly what the Gaddafi regime did in desperation during the last days of his regime in Libya.

If by support you mean:

And this:

Israel is bombing Isis fighters

Or this:

Report: ISIS claims Israeli drone attack killed 4 terrorists in Sinai

Or that:

Maybe this:


Then yes, we are the biggest supporters of ISIS, and we like to show even more affection if we had the chance.

Israel has no interest is supporting ISIS in any way. The only thing that ISIS does for Israel is distract an already distracted Assad. On the other hand ISIS in the Sinai have already attacked Israel, are operating against Egypt (which is one of Israel’s only cold allies in the region) and should they succeed in taking over Gaza the Israelis know things would get worse for them. ISIS is also acting as an impetuous for Iran to spread its influence across the Levant which Israel considers a major threat.

Frankly the Israelis have little interest in Syria at all (and were perfectly happy with the forty year quiet border with Assad) but the last thing they want is a bunch of suicidal apocalyptic nuts taking over Syria and threatening not not only their northern border, but Jordan and the PA with violent takeovers. Israel likes Jordan and the PA not under the control of radical jihadists who would rather die than stop killing.

ISIS is a threat to Israel, and the only reason Israel has not backed its enemies is that Assad is allied with Iran (their greatest current foe) and Israel openly backing the FSA would actually harm the chances of the FSA to rally a sufficient force to continue fighting. In the Sinai however, Israel has certainly taken actions both overt and covert to assist the Egyptian army fighting ISIS there.

Not the biggest but to a large extent one of the most closely allies of ISIS, Nusra Front and other FSA factions fighting the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army.

Israel and ISIS have a lot in common as both are using imported ideological based on religion persons from all sides of the world to establish a religious state in the ‘holy land’. Both enjoy massive support from the west overtly in the case of Israel when it was covertly prior to 1948 and covertly in the case of ISIS for now but it’s very obvious.

They both use US weapons, Western intelligence and communication systems.

They both receive the same financial support from the same parties directly from the US in the case of Israel (USA: Support Terrorists and War Criminals) and indirectly through regional powers in the case of ISIS.

State of Art Medical Care from Israel to alQaeda


Israel is the Jewish state. ISIS murders Christians and Jews, forces them to convert to Islam, or pay jizya tax to the authorities.

In no way does Israel support murder or discrimination based upon religion, race or culture. Hence, Israel does not support ISIS.

No israel are not supporting ISIS

Israel helps the victims of ISIS terrorism

Israel are trying to help any way they can

Congratulations! Your question is one of the most stupid questions I have ever seen on quora to date!

No, Israel does not support ISIS, nor the US do, neither Iran, or Bachar, or Saudi Arabia. But ISIS do a great job for all of those. That’s it.