What would happen if the United States stopped fighting against ISIS?

Other than participating in coalition airstrikes, and some SF ops, the US isn’t (really) fighting ISIS, not directly at least.

The bulk of the fighting is being done along ethnic and or religious lines. ISIS is a Suni extremist terrorist organization, the opposition is currently made up of mainly of ethnic Kurds and Iranian backed Shi’ite (or Shia) forces in Syria and Iraq.

The US back some of those forces with weapons, money and sometimes, training.

The Russian government has boots on the ground in Syria, as does Iran and members of the Lebanese Shi’ite extremist organization, Hezbollah.

I’m quite surprised to see Russian boots on the ground. I thought that Putin knew enough to keep him from repeating the mistakes of the past, by which I mean I the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Getting in the middle of a religious war between Suni Muslims and Shi’ite Muslims is not rational. The US learned that lesson the hard way many times, in Beirut and now again in Afghanistan.

I see a massive US response, a direct one at least, as repeating the mistakes of the past.

The US primarily sends weapons and support to the ground combatants, without this the anti ISIS fighters would suffer many more casualties as the war would extend much further.

Attempts to capture ISIS strongholds without air strikes to soften and suppress enemy defences would be far more costly.

In addition, these forces would also need to find an alternative supply of weapons and munitions.

So the US stopping their support would likely cause the war to draw itself out as neither side would hold a significant advantage over the other.

ISIS would be enabled and encouraged if the U.S. stopped fighting them or stopped supporting factions that do fight agains ISIS.

The question is whether Russia would get more involved in the fight against ISIS or whether Israel would step into the conflict or both. Neither scenario is a good thing for ISIS, that’s for sure.

The USA would still be considered the number one enemy if ISIS, and they would continue to attack us.

In fact, I expect it would be worse. They would consider it a victory, and that would greatly increase their recruiting.

The US would lose a lot of credibility and moral high ground. The present coalition might fall apart, depending who tries to lead afterward. Countries would be very hesitant to join the US in any other conflict.

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