Supreme Topics

Why are 95% of Indian MLAs corrupt and never do good for the people, state and country?

Would the US let Ohio secede?

Why are American, EU, and Israeli companies allowed to sell surveillance software to authoritarian governments that sponsor and/or inflame terrorism?

Quelles sont les meilleures réponses des entreprises aux crises de relations publiques en 2017?

Who will benefit from the GOP/Trump Tax reform plan to eliminate the estate tax on inherited estates greater than $5.5 million?

Is there any scenario where Trump could fire Pence? What steps would he have to take? Has there ever been an attempt made to remove a sitting VP?

From a strategic point of view, what is your opinion about Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia?

Due to the violence in Charlottesville, recently many people are trying to create an equivalency between the far right (Nazis etc.) and far left (“antifa” etc.) in the U.S., and elsewhere. How dangerous and politically influential are both groups?

Pourquoi Ariel Sharon a-t-il été autorisé à occuper le poste de Premier ministre d’Israël après avoir été jugé personnellement responsable du massacre de Sabra et de Chatila?

What do you think currently developing countries will look like in the future?

Why are liberals and Democrats so intolerant of those who oppose their views while claiming to be tolerant?

What is the selectorate theory?

What are your feelings on the disqualification of a Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court going to happen on July 28th, 2017?

As senator, did Barack Obama purposely sabotage bipartisan immigration legislation so to prolong immigration as a political issue, setting the scene for today’s DACA debacle?

Pourquoi quelqu’un qui améliore un pays du tiers monde risque-t-il d’être tué (surtout en Afrique)?