Supreme Topics

Which US state would be easiest to win for a third party nominee in the presidential election?

What will happen if Taiwan peacefully reunifies with mainland China like Hong Kong?

What is the importance of writing in the public relations context?

Why would anyone want to be communist or anti-capitalist? It doesn’t work but they still think it can. Why?

If we had to choose a world president, who would it be?

How do social divisions affect politics?

Why do states like Assam, Nagaland and Chattisgarh want freedom from India?

Why do conservatives and liberals see themselves as so different when they are very similar? They are two sides of the same coin. Their faces may differ but this is where their differences end. Neither one values a sustainable nation.

Now that the White House is unravelling due to Trump Jnr’s emails. How long will it take for the USA to wake up and get rid of Trump?

Who will be the prime minister after Modi?

What are examples of info which was (according to the CIA) stolen from the DNC and/or misinformation spread in an effort to help Trump to get Clinton?

What is the Italian equivalent of Germany’s AfD & where are they in the polls, & when is the next general election?

What do you think of the idea of the UK leaving the EU without trade deals in place?

Que dois-je considérer pour qualifier mon article pour les relations publiques?

How can Christians be right-wing when the teachings of Jesus lean so much to left and liberal? E.g. inclusion of all races and looking after the poor and disadvantaged.