Supreme Topics

How is it that in the midsts of an actual real conspiracy involving a campaign being assisted by Russia, the conspiracy theorists don’t believe it?

Is it irrational to connect the Sandy Hook school demolition to a cover-up?

Comment pouvons-nous être sûrs que le processus électoral dans le Gujarat se déroulera de manière transparente après un tel favorisme manifesté par la commission électorale à l’égard du BJP lorsqu’il a annoncé les dates des votes?

Pendant la guerre froide, les habitants du bloc occidental considéraient-ils le bloc oriental de la même façon que la Corée du Nord aujourd’hui? La vue était-elle différente et comment?

What made Gandhiji so powerful that no one could question his authority over partition and about JL Nehru for prime minister over Patel or Rajaji?

What are some characteristics of the different types of human rights?

Is Trump so ignorant that he believes that Putin would actually admit to hacking the election?

Why doesn’t the US object to China’s taking of Tibet by force, especially when it disallows other nations like the USSR to do the same?

S’il devenait Premier ministre, Jeremy Corbyn serait-il susceptible de siéger comme Premier ministre pendant 10 ans?

What is the relationship between Shirley Setia and India?

Do you agree with me when I say that Donald Trump behaves like a kid but he’s going to make America great again?

What do you hate most about your own country?

Trump has reversed a lot of President Obama’s policies, especially sensible environmental restrictions. What positive things has this Republican administration (including Congress) accomplished so far?

What accounts for the low level of voter participation in Texas? What can be done to increase voter participation in the short term and the long term?

Is north Korea launching misses over Japan to say it was just a test so when they actually fire at one our allies we will think it is a test?