Supreme Topics

Why did the UN recently rank Chinese as the hardest language to learn? How did they draw this conclusion?

What happens if Russia cuts relation with US?

As an ethnic minority voter, which party do you support?

Should we get rid of all corporate influence from politics?

Que faire des personnes corrompues dans le monde qui, par ignorance et par égoïsme, créent des problèmes? Quand quelqu’un parle de l’inimitié envers toute une race, au lieu de réparer les corrompus parmi eux, ces créateurs de problèmes ne sont-ils pas trouvés?

I’ve often heard that “The War on Terror can never be won by the West”. But is it fair to say that the terrorists can’t win it either (because terrorists generally aren’t united)?

Why do politicians last so long in the senate and the house? Do we need term limits?

Why we didn’t pass a bill for illiterate politicians so India could be a better country?

Why did Arvind Kejriwal refuse to accept Geeta from Chanda Bandh Satyagraha?

What steps can young people take to systematically and non-violently revive the masses’ political participation in a ‘near oppressive’ government?

What stops the educated and the reformers in Pakistan to fight against terrorism in their own country?

Why do people readily label critical thinkers as conspiracy theorists, is it because they feel threatened by alternative thinking?

Fighting against ISIS, in the military, would you always keep a bullet for yourself?

Is it true that North Korea and El Salvador are working together to take over the world? Should the world work together to stop this from happening?

Will the USA China relationship ever deteriorate?